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Tsuguharu Leonard Foujita

Jeune Fille au Bonnet (Young Girl in a Hat)

Medium: Original Lithograph, circa 1959, on fibrous green Japan paper, signed in the stone, Foujita, Paris” with a stone inscription in Japanese, and also signed by the artist in pencil

Size: 315 x 450 mms (Paper size)

Published by: Galerie des Cinq Sens, rue de Gaite, Paris

References: Sylvia Buisson 57.128 (Page 519)

Edition: VI/XX

This charming portrait is typical of the artists late work. Bisson says that the size of the edition is unknown. Evidently the first proof were made in 1950 with a second edition having been made on different papers in 1957 after some alterations. We have seen example of this work on purple kaon paper also.