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Salvador Dalí Silkscreen Print: The Spring at (Perrier) 1969 (s.8276)

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Medium: Original silkscreen print, in colours, 1969, signed by the artist in the screen and dated.

Size: 535 x 375 mms (Paper size)Note: By  1984  Perrier  was  the  wolds  leading  mineral  water  company  having  been  founded  in 1904.  It  came  from  a  natural  spring  in  Verges,  a  spa  town  in  Provence,  and  was  famous  for  it’s alleged  health  giving  properties.   This  work  was  the  text  of  a  full  page  advertisement  in  French Newspapers commissioned by Perrier.

Edition: There  was  an  edition  of  25  on  cardboard  and  a  large  edition  of  unknown  size  on  thin poster  paper from which our example comes.

Published by: Perrier Company, France

Printer: SCAL-GPReference: Prestel   “Catalogue   Raisonee   of   Prints   II:   Lithographs   and   wood   engravings 1956/1980 – No 1231

Condition: very good

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